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Shinjyu GLOBAL IP has been
assisting foreign clients
in obtaining and enforcing
intellectual property rights in Japan
We can customize our services, depending on client’s needs,
and offer effective and appropriate advice to our non-Japanese clients.
Our patent attorneys understand the differences between various jurisdictions. With such knowledge, we understand and even foresee the challenges a non-Japanese client may face when entering Japan. We can therefore customize our services, depending on client’s needs, and offer effective and appropriate advice to our non-Japanese clients.
[Patent] As a firm based in Osaka, a city in Japan historically known for its innovation related to electronics, mechatronics, and pharmaceuticals, Shinjyu’s patent attorneys have a broad scope of technical expertise ranging from IT, telecommunications, materials to biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.

[Trademark/Design] Our trademark and design attorneys are experienced with corporate’s branding strategy and able to provide clients with effective advice related to searches, brand protection, counterfeits, investigation, dispute resolution, and so on.

At Shinjyu GLOBAL IP, we provide excellent representation to non-Japanese clients in all aspects of intellectual property. For the past three decades, we have been assisting clients from various countries - including numerous countries from North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific - in obtaining and enforcing patent rights in Japan.

To guarantee transparency in services and better client relationships, each client will be assigned a dedicated patent attorney or a dedicated team of several patent attorneys, who then will be responsible for all of the client’s needs, from new filing to appeal to opposition and invalidation.

Our main services include:

  • [Patent]
  • Patent / Utility model application filing, prosecution, appeal, opposition, invalidation trials, etc.
  • Patent novelty, patentability, freedom-to-operate searches
  • Opinions on infringement and validity of patents / utility models
  • Research related to IP landscape in Japan
  • Consulting services on IP strategy and portfolio management
  • Training/Workshops on Japanese IP
  • [Trademark/Design]
  • Trademark / Design application filing, prosecution, registration and enforcement
  • Opinions on infringement and validity of trademarks and designs
  • Trademark / Design watch services
  • Invalidation appeals and opposition proceedings ・Consulting services related to brand protection, counterfeits, investigation, etc.
  • Training/Workshops on Japanese IP
Shinjyu GLOBAL IP is a member firm of United GIPs. Please also visit our global portal site.