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Nobuharu Okazaki

Nobuharu Okazaki holds a B.Eng. in Electric Engineering from University of Osaka Prefecture, a M.Eng. in Electric and Electronic Engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology, and Ph.D. in Physics from University of Exeter (U.K.).
His academic qualifications and experiences as a postdoc researcher enable him to handle a wide range of technical fields, such as electrical and electronic engineering, information technology, AI, control engineering including mathematical theories, physics, nanomaterials, semiconductors, and etc.
In addition, he has an excellent command of English. He now assists in the preparation of patent applications and in the prosecution of the applications, mainly in fields of electric and electronics engineering, information technology, control engineering, and sensor systems.
He also assists in the preparation of applications for Essential Patent Evaluation for the Digital Broadcasting Standards.
He is a member of the Japanese Patent Attorneys Association.
University of Osaka Prefecture
BEng (Electric Engineering)
Tokyo Institute of Technology
MEng(Electronic and Electronic Engineering)
University of Exeter (U.K.)
Practice Areas
Software Patents
Electrical Patents
Electronical Patents
Mechanical Patents
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