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  • At Shinjyu GLOBAL IP, openings are announced in Japanese only. However, overseas applicants are also considered throughout the year. If you are interested in any of the following positions, please send your CV and a cover letter with a brief introduction of yourself to There is no fixed format. We will make a reply once we receive your documents.

  • Positions:

    1) Japanese Patent Attorney or Technical Staff

    *Past experience preferable but not required

    2) Paralegal

    3) Cooperating Attorney at Law

    4) Subcontracting Translator

  • Holidays

    Saturday, Sunday and national / public holidays.

  • Working Hours

    Flexible, with core hours from 10am - 3:45pm.
    (Paralegals: please ask for details.)

  • Salary

    Salary will be determined based on contribution towards sales.
    (Paralegals: not based on sales. Please ask for details.)

  • Bonus

    Thrice a year (April, August, and December)

  • Insurances et al

    Social Insurance, Employment Insurance, Pension Scheme, Employees' Pension Fund, Retirement Allowance and Salary Protection Insurance.

  • Commuting Cost

    Paid by the office (Up to 50,000 yen per month).

  • Working Experience

    Past working experience will be considered, but those new to these positions are also welcome.
    We look for someone who can continue to work and excel for a long time in the ever-changing field of intellectual property.

*All inquiries and application documents must be in Japanese and/or English.

Shinjyu GLOBAL IP is a member firm of United GIPs. Please also visit our global portal site.